The Team

We are deeply indebted to the people TLM's development would not have been possible without. 

We express our deepest gratitude to


Andrew Alikberov | Founder (NL)

Andrey has a BSc in Business from Erasmus University and is currently working as a data scientist in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.


Rex Cheung | Statistics (US)

Rex has received his PhD in Statistics from the University of California, Davis, and he is now working as an Assistance Professor in Decision Sciences at the San Francisco State University.


Stephan Broadly | Machine Learning (UK)

Stephan has received his PhD from Oxford University, where he also did his MSc in Mathematics and Foundations of Computer Science. Before, he obtained BSc in Computer Science from the University of Cambridge


Kirill Zaznobin | Development (RU)

Kirill has obtained his BSc in Business Administration in Erasmus Univerity, the Netherlands, and is currently working as an RPA specialist in Moscow.


Victor Popov | Applied Machine Learning (US)

Victor has obtained an MEng in Computer Science at Cornell Tech in New York with a focus on Machine Learning, and he is now working as a Data Scientist in Chicago.


Gwena Cunha | Natural Language Processing  (BR)

Gwena has obtained her PhD in Natural Language Processing at Kyungpook National University in South Korea. focusing on Sequence Learning and NLP.


Misha Laskin | Applied ML

Misha has obtained his PhD in Theoretical Physics from the University of Chicago, where he was also awarded the best TA in physical sciences. Before, he obtained BSc in Physics from Yale University .

Florian Madertoner | Ekaterina Sadovskaya | Elena Liu | Arseniy Andreyev | Sam Willis | Anastasiia Tupitcyna | Kia Yi 

George Ionitsa | Anastasia Khokhlova | Mikayel Meymar | Selena Mäkelä | Cecilia Miao | Rita Kurban | Milan Schwartz

Team Overview

We are looking for data scientists that are interested in contributing to TLM project's development.


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We are looking for people that are interested in contributing to TLM project's development.

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Do you enjoy writing articles in a concise and clear way, accessible for people with various backgrounds?

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Code for TLM

Do you enjoy generating clean code of machine learning algorithms in Python/R?

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Do you enjoy applying marketing strategies across different countries and optimizing SEO?

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We were born from the idea of restructuring and presenting ML & Statistics fields in a unique and meaningful manner.